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Koen Van den Brande CSO


Most PD patients are only seen by their doctor every few months, because it is a slowly advancing condition.
What data is collected is based on pre-defined parameters which reflect current understanding of the disease. The opportunity to collect unstructured data such as voice, video or movement, are limited.
Patients can only occasionally compare their personal progress against that of others through meetings and not in any systematic manner.
The People Like Me programme offers patients an opportunity to compare themselves against roughly similar individuals on dimensions of their choosing in order to identify differences that could lead to actionable insights.
By using a voice-activated agent, patients can collect daily observations of voice, video and motion through an interactive dialogue about symptoms, medicines, exercises etc.
The integration of readily available technologies such as Alexa (or other voice activated agents) for voice activated interactions, Kinect for observing motion , Apple Watch and Fitbit to record biometric data and an iPad (or other tablet) to display results creates a daily stream of data which can be used by an AI engine like Watson to generate new insights and build up a People Like Me picture.
Feasibility is confirmed by a number of studies such as …
Londoño, Sebastian. (2012). Parkinson Kinect System. 10.13140/2.1.1421.1846.

A multi-disciplinary team of patients, carers, medical practitioners and technology specialists is working on refining the requirements.
A prototype will be available for demonstration at WPC, assuming arrangements can be made in advance.
By engaging proven technologies of leading firms we will be able to provide patients and the community with a much larger data set to draw new insights from using AI.

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