Our Management Team

Benoit Tas,

Entrepreneurial and creative leader (ENTJ) with international experience

Strong background in strategy & organization, marketing and sales, innovation, operational efficiency

Worked for leading consumer goods companies, as CEO in private equity, as turnaround manager

Heiko Mueller,
Chief Technology Officer, Computer Science and Economics

Leader for distributed agile teams - Healthcare | IoT | BI | Analytics | Cloud | ML

Deep technical background in software engineering and very experienced in leading international teams

Developed an app for Parkinson’s based on symptoms reporting and pharmacokinetics acquired by NeuroPath

Benoit Duvivier,
Business Development and Advocacy, RN

MedTech| Business & People| Digital & Start Up

Over 35 years in Healthcare Industry in Sales, Management and HR Consultanc

Person with Parkinson with strong entrepreneurial skills & socially engaged

• you being the center of everything.
an interdisciplinary, proactive care path.
providing you and your care team all information.
silently supporting you through AI driven objective measurements.

At NeuroPath we believe that our success hinges on the tangible benefits of a patient-centric solution that becomes an indispensable part of their daily lives, extending its reach to encompass their whole care team.

What sets us apart from the rest is our steadfast dedication to empowering our users with the information they provide and desperately seek.

NeuroPath is not just another solution; it is a transformative force that places the power of information and support directly in the hands of those who need it most.

Join us as on our journey to integrated Parkinson's care!

Our Partners

Advocacy groups People with Parkinson’s