For people with Parkinson’s disease, their caregivers and their health care professionals

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Meet Susan and Peter

How NeuroPath can help you and your caregiver

I am Susan
and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last year.
I am Peter
Sarah’s husband and caregiver.​
"I only see my neurologist a few times per year. And during the consultation, I usually do better than at home. It is difficult for me to answer all the questions the neurologist keeps asking me, I often don't remember."
"I wish I could do more for Sarah. Often, I don't really understand what is happening to her or why she reacts the way she does."

The app as your digital buddy

Person with Parkinson's

"NeuroPath is my digital buddy. I can dictate notes, track my symptoms, do my exercises and track my physical activities, fill out surveys, follow my medication schedule, report tremor or dyskinesia and so much more! 

I can finally show my neurologist how I am doing in real life!"

Husband and Caregiver

"This is such a relief! Since Sarah and I use NeuroPath, I can remind her of things she may forget, and provide my perspective as a caregiver.

I can even input data on behalf of Sarah if she asks me."



"Using NeuroPath Insights increases my understanding of my Parkinson’s disease and helps me to anticipate and manage my mental and physical activities. I am so much more motivated now!"

Our Philosophy

At NeuroPath, we believe in pro-active, personalized, and predictive care based on real information. So do they.

“Personally, I don’t think that a cure will be found for me during my lifetime. Therefore, I find it very important to focus on improving the QoL of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the here and now. The approach of NeuroPath is perfect for that.”

Person with Parkinson's

“I am interested in tracking whether my patients are adhering to the care path that I prescribe, and I want data on their motor variability during on- and off-state so I can better understand how to adapt the treatment to their needs.”

KOL Neurologist
“I can see how hospitals would pay a few thousand Euros per patient to have this platform.”

Care Provider CEO
“Researchers and pharma would be willing to pay for the ability to stabilize treatment and dosage of patients more quickly, or to capture extra symptoms or pick up non-compliance earlier, or socio-economic issues.”

Director, Pharmacy Informatics
“Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, which focus on complex patients, are now a viable place for a "prevention play”. The exciting part of Medicare Advantage is that it is enabling companies with these technologies to get into patients’ homes and really drive better outcomes.”