On iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad for people with Parkinson's,
caregivers and healthcare professionals.

(Android version coming soon)

Person with Parkinson's

"It helps me every day. I feel safer and more confident now. To my surprise, I am even more active now since I see the positive effects.

Partner and Caregiver

"I am less nervous now that anything goes wrong. It feels good to see that she takes her medication on time and is more active now."

"Talking with the Patient is much more efficient now since I can see - within seconds - what has happened during the last periode. I can exactly see progress and decline and immediately check details."
Movement DiSorder Specialist

"I can provide feedback to the neurologist about the patient and can also check progress and decline objectively."

The APP that helps you every day

It is important for us that you are the one who benefits from the app.
That is why you will get immediate feedback for all data that you enter or collect.


Get medication reminders and check anytime if you have taken your medication. If your neurologist uses the same app, they can send you your medication regimen via the app.

E-Diary, Well-being

You can add notes just for yourself of share them with your neurologist and/or caregiver. If you do not want to share a certain note just make it private. You can also "tag" your notes and well-being reports. This is a great way to provide you or your neurologist with an overview of your symptoms or anything else that is important to you.

Your Activity

Especially together with the AppleWatch you can track your activity and health biomarkers. For many users it is very motivating to keep an eye on activities and then see positive effects on your health in the app. You can decide which biomarkers you want to see and how you want to compare them.

Quality of Life

You can review the data that you entered anytime. Review what is going on this week or select any other timeframe that you want to compare with the previous one.

Medication, Well-being

Many predefined dashboards give you an overview of all of your data. You do not have to wait until your neurologist provides you with feedback about the data that you have entered or provided.

Tremor and Dyskinesia

With the Apple Watch you measure dyskinesia and tremor. This can give you an indication when symptoms typically appear. This information can be seen and discussed with your neurologist to finetune your medication.

Notes AnD Well-being

Quickly enter a note or report your well-being. Of course, you can also tag your notes and well-being entries to report your symptoms precisely. Insights also provides a feature rich app for the Apple Watch.

Enter Medication

Get Medication Reminders and enter quickly and precisely when you took your medication. With the same entry you can also report your well-being. If you want to, you can enter all your data just using the Apple Watch.

Tremor and Dyskinesia

With the Apple Watch you can automatically measure dyskinesia and tremor. But also the Apple Watch provides you with so many more biomarkers that you can display to track your activity and health.

Overview in SeCONDS

Designed for the neurologists, but also extremely useful for any HCP, caregiver and of course for you: Our dasboards.
Within seconds you will get an overview and can compare progress or decline with the previous timeframe.


Just get a quick overview or drilldown into the details whenever you found something that needs further inspection. Insights is designed for both: aggregating and summarizing your data for very quick review, but also for analysis of details.

Medication, Symptoms

Analyze well-being and quality of life: You can easily see when symptoms occurred and if they were connected to wrong or delayed medication intake.


Benoit, a user from Belgium uses the app nearly every day.

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