The free app on iOS and Android for people with Parkinson's disease,
caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Person with Parkinson's

"I am so glad that Peter can help me to report my symptoms and can even write a note for me."

Partner and Caregiver

"Susan can share her data with me and I can help her. this makes it so much easier. I also have a good way now to share my observations with her neurologist."

"I use the Neuropath Insights app and get detailed, but also very quick insights into all the data that susan and Peter have collected."
Movement DiSorder Specialist

"I can provide feedback to the neurologist about Susan Directly and very easily."

The APP that helps you and your caregiver every day

It is important for us that you are not alone. With the Navigator App you can build relationships and share the data that you want.
Your care team can add their observations easily.
With the NeuroPath Insights App you and you care team can analyze your data easily and efficiently.

Profile and Setup

If you want to, you can provide more information about you in your profile and make the app more personal. Before you start using NeuroPath Insights you can set up your profile here, manage your relationships and define custom tags that will be used in the 'Sister App'.


Typically, you would get an invitation from your doctor or neurologist, decide what data you want to share, and then accept the new relationship.
But you can also invite your caregiver or other members of your careteam.


You define what data you want to share and you can revoke any permission anytime. You can also end relationships anytime and stop sharing your data this way as well.

Daily data entry

With the Navigator and also with the 'sister App' "Neuropath Insights" you can enter your well-being, notes and even any measurement that you want which makes you very flexible.

Well-being, Symptoms

When you enter your well-being you can add one or more tags to describe your well-being or your symptoms precisely and quickly.

Notes, Symptoms

The same tags can be used to categorize notes more easily. If you tag your notes, you and your neurologist will get a much better overview in NeuroPath Insights.


The app comes with a long list of predefined tags. You can define which tags you want to use and in which order they should appear. You can add custom tags which gives you the maximal flexibility to report about anything that is important to you.

Quality Of Life

Your quality of life matters. The app provides a set of clinical validated questionnaires that you can fill out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whenever you feel it fits. In the NeuroPath Insights App you and your Neurologist can get not only a great overview to see how you are progressing over time, but also all the details how you are doing.

NeuroQoL (TM)

NeuroQoL (TM) are Clinical validated questionnaires that adjust their length based on your answers. If you are in the middle range a single questionnaire Domain (like Cognition) will be typically not more than four questions.


Once you have set up a relationship with your caregiver and decided what data you want to share your caregiver (or partner) can enter data for you into your account. We call this 'Act As'.


If you do not feel well or just to support you, your caregiver can enter notes for you, enter your well-being or even fill out questionnaires for you - all using their own smart phone.

Caregiver's Opinion

Often your doctor would also like to get another opinion about you and how your are doing. Who could do this better than your partner or caregiver? They can enter notes about you and even fill out the same questionnaires - pretending they are you.
Additionally, anyone in your care team can enter their (medical-) observations about you. We call this function 'Report About'.


Benoit, a user from Belgium uses the app nearly every day.

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